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Baseball Songs

Anyone who has ever been to a professional baseball game has heard baseball songs. One of the most famous baseball songs is "Take me out to the baseball game" which is usually sung during the 7th inning stretch. Baseball songs are an integral part of our culture and everyone has their own favorite one. Baseball songs are about history and the men, women, boys and girls that play the game.

Walk into any baseball park and you will hear some sort of music playing. We have come to expect that background music and when during the course of the game we do not hear our favorite baseball song we walk away at the end of the game disappointed. Why do we like baseball songs so much?

Baseball songs set the tone of the game and they are chosen so that we are reminded of exactly what the player on the field is going through. They also help us to get emotionally attached to the flow of the game and remind us of our youth and how much we enjoyed playing the game.

Baseball songs do not have to be complicated. They just have to help us build a view in our minds of how it feels to stand behind home plate and make contact with that little white ball so hard that it is "outta here" as the saying goes. Baseball songs are about America's pastime and about the heart of every little boy, or girl that has played the game.

Baseball songs also remind us of those that came before and there triumphs and also there failures. As the years roll on and more people fall in love with the game of baseball there are sure to be more baseball songs. We love to remember America's pastime and the men and women who stand out on the field we so we sing along to baseball songs.

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