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Camp Songs

Camp songs are songs that are sung around the campfire. These songs are sued to relive the spirit of being out on a camping trip and living in the woods. Camping songs are sung by the young and the young at hearts and areas numerous as the people who enjoy them.

Camp songs are song by the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, church groups any one who has ever had the privilege of sitting around a campfire or who has picked up a guitar. Camp songs are used to raise the spirits and the morale of those who sing them or to just bring about camaraderie among the campers.

Camp songs have been around for years with campers of every generation making up new ones or just redefining the old ones and making them their own. There are hundreds of different camp songs that have been sung by generation after generation.

Camp songs can be fun songs as simple as B.I.N.G.O or as complex as a song that requires you to get up and follow the motions that go with the music and the lyrics. The good thing about camp songs is that there is a song that is suited for just about everyone.

Camp songs are not just to be sung around a campfire. Many times camp songs are sung at gatherings in mess halls or tents. In fact camp songs can be heard on the busses that bring the kids into camp because they know the fun and joy that is about to come.

As long as there are campers or people who just like to think that they are there will be camp songs. When you think about it camp songs are always songs of joy and what more joyful time can there be but when you are camping.

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