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College Fight Songs

College football is a favorite Saturday afternoon pastime for many people around the country and college fight songs are part of that tradition. Stadiums across the country are full of faithful fans that come out to cheer for their favorite team while others are glued to their televisions watching their team play and listening for their college fight songs.

What are college fight songs? Part of the tradition and fanfare of attending or watching a college football game on television are the college fight songs. Traditionally college fight songs are songs adopted by each college or university as the song that represents the tradition of life at that particular college or university.

No matter which college or university you go to you on a Saturday afternoon you will be able to hear the bands from both schools playing their college fights songs. College fight songs are used to get the fans into the spirit of the game and if you listen closely you will hear the fans from each college, represented on the field, singing along as the band plays on.

College fight songs allow the students to get behind their team and allow the alumni to think about the glory days of life at the college. There is a certain emotion to each of the college fight songs that makes the fans feel as if they are down on the field cheering on their team to victory.

College fights songs add to the long tradition of football at the college or university. Without college fight songs Saturday afternoon football it would take some of the life and heart out of college football. So when you are sitting on Saturday afternoon watching college football, listen for the college fight songs and remember how much they mean to the tradition and fanfare of the game.

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