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Disney Songs

In the wonderful world of Disney, few things are quite as wonderful as Disney songs. Of course, the characters are loved, the stories are treasured and the ideals are appreciated, but the songs are what tie the rest together. Disney songs tell stories as well as allow the audience to see a deeper level of the character. They combine words with musical notes in order to fill in not only content, but emotion, tone and mood. Disney songs are not always appreciated for what they are, however.

Some people might label Disney songs as only simplistic ditties meant only to hold a child's attention. The movies are usually captivating and fun, but the songs are seen as emotional overkill. These people cannot stand to hear the songs played over the radio, separate from the movies because they don't think they are musically worthy to stand alone.

Disney song writers are not musical legends. The critics are right when they say the songs are written for children. That is part of what makes them so beautiful. They are obviously more complex than a nursery rhyme, and yet children learn Disney songs and associate their melodies and harmonies with the movies that they watch. And yet, children are not the only audience for Disney songs. Teenagers as well as adults, parents as well as grandparents, fall in love with the movies and their accompanying songs.

Seeing Disney songs for what they are is not difficult to do. They are complementary as well as stand-alone pieces of music. They brilliantly communicate words and emotions to their audience while remaining simple enough for a child to grasp. The next time you hear a familiar and memorable musical series begin, remember the worth of the song you are listening to. The wonderful world of Disney songs is waiting for an even bigger audience.

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