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Easy Guitar Songs

What are easy guitar songs? If you have ever learned to play the guitar you know how frustrating it can be to master all those chords. The best technique for any new guitar player is to try and pick easy guitar songs to learn.

The dream of every new guitar player is to be able to pick up a guitar and play their favorite guitar riff or song. This is also the blueprint for failure because most of the songs you hear are not easy guitar songs to learn. The people playing those songs have spent years of their lives learning to play the guitar. If you would ask anyone of them I am sure they would tell you that they started out by playing easy guitar songs and moving on from there.

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Easy guitar songs are those songs that only have one or two chords for you to master. Once you master those chords you can progress on to more complicated songs. If you go to your local music supply store you will find all kinds of guitar books and CDs that offer you advice on how to play any number of easy guitar songs.

The best advice though would be to go out and find a good guitar instructor who can guide you through the whole process from start to finish. An instructor can offer you advice on which easy guitar songs to pick for you level of experience. Also an instructor can give you something that no book or CD can offer: feedback on how well you are playing the easy guitar song.

Remember do not get discouraged if it seems like you are not picking up the chords to the easy guitar songs as fast as you want to. Listen to your guitar instructor, supplement the instruction by playing along with special CDs designed to help you learn the guitar, but most of all practice. If you practice soon you will not only be playing easy guitar songs but all you favorite guitar songs.

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