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Elvis Presley Songs

From the early rock and roll rebel to the good old boy movies to the glitzy star, Elvis Presley's fans followed him tirelessly through his career and even after he was gone. What was it about Elvis Presley Songs that caught people's attentions and held them so relentlessly? What was so attractive about the man that so captivated the majority of the country?

Some people say that Elvis Presley Songs are for the most part ridiculous. Especially men do not appreciate hearing an idol going on about teddy bears and silly dances. They will, without hesitation, agree that Elvis was a talented singer and marvelous entertainer, but they will say that the song lyrics seem forced. Women, however, tend to love hearing any of the Elvis Presley Songs, even if, and maybe even especially if, they do drip with sugary romance.

In the movies or on the stage, Elvis Presley songs were not all about love. He was first loved because of the new beat and style he offered. His characteristic and controversial hip shaking was a natural complement to the rock and roll. His sound was upbeat and fun and full of life. It was so different than what people had been listening to, that Elvis was and is called the King for a reason.

The majority of people will tell you that Elvis was not the same after going off to war. He still had the energy and capability to capture people's attention, but much of that charisma was possibly something remembered from Elvis the boy rather than witnessed in Elvis the man. Such a possibility makes Elvis' early career all the more impressive because of the scope of influence it had.

Whether you prefer Elvis in the movies or on the stage, regardless of the time of his life, it is evident that Elvis Presley songs will be in the hearts of music lovers for some time to come. And the 'why' is not obvious. It could be his voice, his talent for entertaining a crowd or his movie personality. Most likely though, Elvis Presley songs were and are loved because of their novelty and boldness at the time they were written and performed.

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