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There's no such thing as a free lunch. Although nothing advertised as such can be truly free because someone somewhere has to pay for it, it can be free for you. Free song downloads are that way, if you play the game right. After hearing the news and reading the protests we all know that illegally downloading music is risky and could in fact lead to heavy fines. That makes them hardly free. When you get into other opportunities for free song downloads though, there are different meanings of the word 'free.'

Several companies have sprung up in order to share a piece of the download market. When they buy rights to the songs they sell, the downloading becomes completely legal, but still rarely free. Since the big companies have to pay for the music, you do too. So, when you see advertisements all over the internet for free song downloads, first ask yourself if it's legal. If it is, we move on to the next step.

In order to hook consumers, a company will often offer free song downloads for the first one or more songs. It could end up one of two ways for you. The first is the trade off. You buy membership or a set number of song downloads and the company gives you the smaller set number of songs for free. They are free and legal, but after you buy whatever else you have to, it's really more like getting a discount across the board. It probably doesn't add up to much.

The other, usually more desirable, option is when companies offer free song downloads with no commitment to buy ever. They are hoping to hook buyers with goodwill. You probably want more than the one song they are willing to give you for free and they hope you'll buy the rest from them because of the good feelings you'll have about your really and totally free song downloads. So, free lunch? It's possible. But don't you want to eat tomorrow too?

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