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Funeral Songs

Funerals are time of sadness and sorrow. They are a time of saying goodbye to the ones we love. They are also a time of hope that our loved ones have moved on to a better place than the one they formerly inhabited. For each of the moods that are expressed at a funeral there are funeral songs.

Funerals songs basically developed as another way to express emotions. Sometimes at funeral it is hard to express the feelings that are held deep inside. So over time people started to develop songs that helped them to release and deal with such a difficult time in the life of the family.

Funeral songs or as some people call them, dirges allow us to express the gambit of emotions felt while attending a funeral. Funeral songs also help us to release what we are feeling inside. The origin of funeral songs dates back thousands of years with each culture developing their own funeral songs based on the needs of the culture and also their religious beliefs.

While some cultures such as the Buddhists have elaborate ceremonies where their funerals songs consist of chanting the mantras to help the deceased find the peace they need, others such as the Jewish culture have ceremonies in which their funeral songs are chanted prayers for the dead.

In the Christian culture funeral songs are meant to convey not only the grief that is felt at not physically having the loved one around but also the joy in knowing that the soul of the loved one is in Heaven. .

The interesting thing about most funeral songs is that even though each culture goes through generational changes most of the funeral songs are passed down as a tradition of the culture. This means that some of the funeral songs that are sung around the world have been sung for thousands of years and may still be sung by future generations.

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