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My mom always said, "Fun is fun when it's fun for everyone." An easily remembered rhyme was always a good reminder to play nice. It's a handy way to not only include people, but to avoid the risk of any revenge later. It's a good rule of thumb for any area of life. Humor is a useful tool, but it can also be a lethal weapon to its subject as well as its wielder. Funny songs have been guilty of both actions. They bring low spirits higher, but they also tear at people's hearts and self images.

Funny songs are definitely fun. They make you laugh and feel good. They can turn stressful situations into relaxed ones. But do they always improve the empty air they fill? The problem with humor is that it always requires a victim. There is a butt to every joke. Whether racially directed or slung across gender lines, funny songs often make at least somebody uncomfortable. They may make others angry and turn potential friends into cemented enemies. How fun is that? We can't just do without humor though. What is the solution? No doubt funny songs will not disappear, but how can they be made better?

The best way a comedian can gain a following is to laugh at himself. Who's going to be offended then? The same goes for singers or songwriters. Funny songs will be even funnier if they somehow avoid hurting people. The comedian should be the best at taking a joke, so why not make himself the object of ridicule and hilarity? When that is accomplished, the material, be that funny songs or jokes, will be approached with open minds and happy smiles. Defenses will drop as soon as specific groups are removed from the comedic spotlight. So, have fun and make it fun for everyone.

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