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Graduation Songs

One song will be at every graduation. "Pomp and Circumstance" naturally fits into the atmosphere and mood more than class chosen graduation songs. And yet, the ceremony doesn't seem to be quite complete without the personal touch of more modern graduation songs sung by your classmates or blasted over speakers. Like at any other special occasion celebration, the music chosen for the end of a school career is important and can be difficult to choose.

The average student doesn't have too much to say about the graduation songs chosen for their class. It is usually the student council that will nominate five or six graduation songs, and then the rest of the students are allowed to vote on their favorite tune from the list. This advice is for those student council members who hold so much power in determining such an important piece of the graduation ceremony.

No matter how large or small your student body is, the population is diverse and, to some extent, unknowable. The first thing to remember is that even if you played 100 graduation songs, it would not be enough sentiment to represent the feelings of every student in the school. Even a single human being is more complex than a song. Keeping that in mind, try to represent all of the students anyway. Nominate songs from every music genre you can think of. Nominate songs that demonstrate hope, relief, fear, joy and even disappointment.

After the votes are in, do not settle with the one song that got the most votes. It is likely that the voting tallies are very close for 2 or more graduation songs. Petition your administration to allow for as many of the songs as is reasonable and play them all. The students and the audience will more fully appreciate and understand who your class is and what they see in the future.

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