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Hollywood Theme Songs

Hollywood theme songs are songs that are written and performed for motion pictures. The motion picture industry has crafted theme songs for their movies to make them more recognizable and marketable. These Hollywood theme songs are usually played during the opening credits and are the prominent song from the motion picture that is released for radio airplay

The history of Hollywood theme songs is a short one but one that produced great music. Even the early silent films had music that was played to add drama and life to the movie. Once sound was added the idea of having songs that were just for the movie was born. Some of the earliest Hollywood theme songs were scores written for such movies as 1938's "Gone With the Wind.

Later on in the 1960's songs by famous artists were added. An example of this is The James Bond films. Each of the James Bond films has had a song written by a famous artist as their theme songs. In recent years most motions pictures have had at least one song that could be considered a Hollywood theme song, while many have whole albums tied into the theme of the movie.

Why the fascination with Hollywood theme songs? The only answer can be that the theme song in some way adds to the familiarity of the movie. Even as the first chords of the Hollywood theme songs begin to play we recognize the movie the song came and the principle characters involved.

Another reason is that in recent years Hollywood theme songs have become big business in the music industry. In today's movie markets the more products you can have tied into your movie the more you will be able to recoup the cost of making the film. So it is a safe bet to say that as long as we keep buying the albums and listening to the tunes that Hollywood theme songs will be around for many years to come.

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