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Love Songs

I love you! Everyone loves to hear those words and the thousands of variations of them. Love songs are definitely the dominant type of tune played over radios and CD players. It is because that basic human emotion is so precious, so sought after and so valuable in cultures across the map. Love songs communicate the simple emotion, but not simply one type of relationship. Love songs have been written about men, women, God, friends, lovers and even animals. With so many subjects, it is no surprise that the types and extremes of love expressed in love songs are different.

Friendly love is expressed in love songs about, well, friends. There is nothing erotic or physical about it. I can be used when speaking, or singing, about a relationship between a man and a woman who are romantically involved, but nothing romantic is mentioned. The song is simply about the basic friendship connection between people. Tom T. Hall's song, "I Love You Too" is a good example of such a love song. Erotic or romantic love songs are probably the most popular of all. They express the physical and sensual feelings between people. Friendship sentiments might be included, but romantic ideas are dominant. John Michael Montgomery's "I Love the Way You Love Me" is an example of a romantic love song. Unconditional love songs are the last type usually written. They can be written for people, but are often written as in the voice of God. It is also not unusual to find them written in human voices for God. These love songs have more depth than friendship songs and are not at all physical the way romantic songs are. Matthew West's "I Love You More" is a good example of a love song expressing unconditional love.

All of the above listed songs contain the words, "I," "Love" and "You." They are all very popular songs, probably for that reason. People crave love, to give as well as to receive. All three types of love songs will be around for a very long time.

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