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Party Songs

Anyone who has ever been to a party knows the importance of good music to keep the party going and to make the party fun. If you have ever been to a party where the music did not fit the mood then you know what I am talking about. Musical groups have long realized the importance of good quality party songs for any party. So over the years many songs have been written by a wide range of musical artists simply to listen to as good time party songs.

Party songs are not just fast paced songs that have a catchy beat. Party songs are any songs that draw us into the mood of the party or out onto the dance floor. Party songs allow us to be able to get over our inhibitions and fit in with the rest of the crowd around us. This is because each of the party songs hits a familiar chord in everyone in attendance.

Party songs have been around a lot longer than many people think. Party songs were developed in the early days of music in the United States. People of the Colonial era had songs they brought over with them from the countries like Germany, England and Ireland

These songs when played allowed people to be able to get into the festive nature of a gala events or just a gathering at the local pub of good friends. We have all seen pictures of a bar full people dancing and rejoicing to those old fast paced Irish tunes.

The misconception about party songs is that they have to be disco or up-tempo songs. Party songs are really any songs that make us feel good. In the 1970's party songs were equated with disco but there were also many other groups out there even some rock and punk bands such as KISS and Blondie that had up-tempo songs that were turned into classic party songs.

Many teens who attended rock concerts got into the festive nature because of these fast un-tempo songs which gave the concerts the feel of a party. Some rock bands even admitted to the fact that they wanted to create party songs so their fans could have a good time at their concerts.

Party songs no matter what they sound like are any songs that get your heart to racing, your feet to tapping and bring a smile to your face.

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