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Six Flags Theme Song

Six Flags Theme parks has a new commercial featuring a character refereed to only as Mr. Six. These commercials also feature a new Six Flags theme song. Mr. Six, the new Six Flags mascot bears a striking resemblance to Mr. Magoo, but this Mr. Magoo look alike can dance to the familiar tune of the new Six Flags Theme song.

If the Six Flags theme song sounds familiar it is because it is a song by the Vengaboys. ,"We Like to Party, a 1999 hit. This song was chosen by Six Flags because of the catchy beat to the song and the simple lyrics. Six Flags when looking for a song for their commercial went through many different songs before settling on the song by the Vengaboys.

It was hard for Six Flags theme parks to settle on a song because they wanted a song that would fit the Six Flags image and that could be adopted as the Six Flags theme song. The song had to match the personality of the newly created character of Mr. Six who was to be depicted as a fun loving guy who frequented Six Flags amusement parks.

Also when choosing the Six Flags theme song consideration had to be given to the fact that Mr. Six was going to have to be able to dance to the song. This is when Six Flags hit upon the idea of using the Vegaboys song because as a theme song it was catchy and Mr Six could dance to it.

So with a new mascot Mr Six and a new Six Flags theme song a series of commercials was filmed. The new Six Flags commercials can be seen on TV and feature Mr. Six driving up in the Six Flags bus and upon disembarking he starts to dance to the new Six Flags theme song.

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