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Sports Songs

Sports songs are those songs, that when listened to, reminded us of our favorite sport or player. Over the years there have numerous sports songs recorded. Sports songs do not have to be specifically about the sport they can also be songs that you associate with a particular sport. Each sport, baseball, football, hockey and basketball has specific sports songs that you will hear played at each of the games.

Sports Songs and Baseball
Perhaps the sport with most tradition of having its own sports songs is baseball. For some reason America's favorite pastime has had more sports songs written about it then any other sort. From the classic seventh inning stretch song "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" to the John Fogerty song "Centerfield" sports songs about baseball carry the tradition and feel of what it is like to not play the game but watch the game of baseball.

Sports Songs and Football
Football is another sport that has had a long tradition of having sports songs. Friday night football has a tradition of using the high school song as the sports song to help motivate the crowd and get them into the game. At each touchdown you can hear the school song being played by the band.

College football has their own fight songs that defines the college or university and gives those in attendance at the games something to use to help them cheer on their team. These sports songs can be heard from stadium to stadium across the country.

Pro football while not having the tradition of high school and college football still has their own sports songs. Some pro teams do have fight songs made up by the fans that catch on and become local favorites. Other teams just use current top forty favorites and hard rock songs to help fans define the action going on down on the field.

Sports Songs and Hockey/Basketball
Hockey and basketball are very unique when it comes to sports songs, because they do not have one particular song such as a fight song but use clips from many songs of the current culture to help pump up the crowd and get them into the game. These snippets of songs are picked according to what is currently going on in the game.

In today's world music and sports go hand in hand with many teams creating their own sports songs, while other just pick some fan favorites. Music adds drama to the game and allows the crowd to get into the game. So as long as there are sports their will be sports songs.

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