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Television Theme Songs

What are Television theme songs? Television theme songs are the catchy songs that are played at the beginning of a sitcom, drama or many other types of shows. Television theme songs are written or selected because they introduce the viewer to the central theme of the show.

The birth of television theme songs can sort of be traced to the 1959. It was in that year that a young composer by the name of Henry Mancini created a score for a television show called Peter Gunn. The theme to Peter Gunn became one of television's first hit television theme songs. Even today the theme to Peter Gunn is on of the most easily recognizable television theme songs.

The idea of adding television theme songs to shows did not stop with Peter Gunn. The idea carried over into some the first sitcoms like "I Love Lucy" which had their own theme song which was easily recognized by fans of the show. From the early days when television theme songs were just scores written for background airplay television theme songs have evolved to include lyrics along with the music.

Earlier musical television theme songs became radio hits like the "Theme to S.W.A.T" and "The Rockford Files". These television theme songs made it into the top forty of radio air play because of the catchy tunes. These lyrical television theme songs soon gave way to hit lyrical compositions such as the theme to Friends.

Some television theme songs are original compositions such as the theme to shows like Friends and later episodes of Happy Days. Other television theme songs are borrowed from rock bands top 40 lists such as the Who's song "Who Are You" which is the theme song for CSI.

Television theme songs seem like they are here to stay because most shows today have not only theme songs but whole CDs of songs tied to the shows which sell into the millions of copies. If people are going to buy CDs of television theme songs then they are sure to be more and more recorded

It can also be a challenge to choose wedding songs for the reception. Although the ambience at a reception allows for less solemnity, your favorite songs might not be appropriate to play over a new union. If you think about the words to many of the songs you love, they are not exactly wedding songs. They are full of sad stories and cheating spouses, not to mention the beat and words that your grandmother would not approve of. Corny as they may be, a wedding songs compiled on a ready-to-play album might be the ticket to a snag-free reception. Another great option is an experienced DJ.

Wedding songs can be a great addition and beautiful complement to your big day. With a little planning and thought towards how you would like to remember your wedding, you are sure to make great decisions for great memories.

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