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TV Theme Songs

We all recognize the effects that music can have on us. It is easy to remember and is often associated with memories and feelings. That is the reason that TV theme songs exist. What better way to advertise, and to therefore keep people watching than to hook them with a song? Why then, are there some shows with only a short series of notes instead of a song with lyrics and accompanying video? And why do theme songs change?

TV theme songs are possibly the most important advertising a network does. It gives an impression about the kind of show or sitcom will be airing. If the song is too much like a jingle, or too dark to fit the show the wrong audience will approach it and ratings will drop. It is important that people are given what they expect, as well as to be given what they want. As times and preferences for television change, many TV theme songs have been stripped of lyrics or shortened to a quick introduction to a song. In some ways the impressions are left a little more open because of such a decision. Without words, a viewer is left to form their own opinion about the meaning of the song or the few notes. Another reason for shortening TV theme songs is to provide more content in the show. As opposed to a few years ago, people don't want to see neatly tied up moral lessons in sitcoms. They are looking for more complexity and therefore the writers need more time. A short, nearly nonexistent TV theme song allows for such change.

Another interesting phenomenon is that TV theme songs change. It may seem like a risky decision to ask a show fan to associate a show with a new song, but it can be logical to do so. Sometimes a show will develop into more than it was when it first aired. Popular sitcoms will have larger budgets which allow for more writing and producing time and therefore more character development. Suddenly secondary characters are more essential to the stories and the scope of the entire show is different. Whatever the process is for creating them, TV theme songs are an important and entertaining piece of any television show.

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